Intermediate Teachers

KoLynn Phillips -  Third Grade Teacher


This is my fifth year as a teacher at St. Cecilia.  I have 18 years of teaching experience at other Catholic schools.


I earned a Bachelor Degree from Northwest Christian College and a Master Degree from University of Phoenix.


My favorite quote about learning and teaching:


  2 teach is

+2 touch lives


4 Ever



Madelain Westermann -  Fourth Grade Teacher


This is my seventh year as a teacher at St. Cecilia, with previous experience at various schools within the Archdiocese of Portland, throughout the United States, and in other countries.  


I earned a Bachelor of Arts from Oregon State University, as well as an Exceptionalities in Education certification from Portland State University and Multicultural Education certification from University of Alaska.


My favorite quote about teaching and learning:  “Education is the most powerful force which you can use to change the world.” ~ Nelson Mandela



Janet Motter - Fifth Grade Teacher


I have been at St. Cecilia School for 21 years.  Prior to my time here, I taught a 5th/6th combined classroom, as well as classes at Marco Polo English School, Gifu-shi, Gifu-ken, Japan.


I am a graduate of Lewis & Clark College where I earned my Bachelor of Arts in History and Elementary Education Certification, as well as a Masters of Arts in Teaching in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Science and Social Studies.


My favorite quote about learning and teaching:  “A teacher's job is to take a bunch of live wires and see that they are well-grounded.”  ~D. Martin