Schoolwide Learning Expectations

St. Cecilia students live the teachings of Jesus as active Catholics who:
• Celebrate liturgy and sacraments
• Pray with meaning and reverence
• Serve the needs of others
• Embody their faith through words and actions

St. Cecilia students are life-long learners who:
• Communicate effectively 
• Solve problems using critical and creative thinking skills
• Listen and read with understanding
• Use technology competently and ethically
• Apply academic learning to real life 

St. Cecilia students are responsible citizens who:
• Respect self, others, and surrounding world
• Accept responsibility for their words and actions 
• Resolve conflict peacefully
• Work cooperatively and independently

St. Cecilia students are self-aware individuals who:
• Recognize and share unique gifts and talents
• Value all experiences as opportunities for growth
• Respect mind, spirit, body and life
• Believe they can make a difference