First Grade is a time when children make great strides as they grow academically, spiritually, socially, physically, and emotionally. We recognize parents as the primary educators of their children and build upon the strong foundation already in place. Each child is acknowledged as a treasured gift with talents to share.  

In Language Arts the focus is on reading, phonics, writing, spelling, and speaking. Students move from identifying letters and sounds to putting all the pieces together to read more complex words and stories.  In addition to using pictures as clues to support reading in context, students build word recognition skills and strengthen reading fluency.  

Math engages students in four main areas which include developing understanding and strategies for addition & subtraction within 20; whole number relationships and place value, including grouping in tens and ones; developing understanding of linear measurement; and reasoning with shapes and their attributes while decomposing and composing shapes.  

Religion helps us to grow in our understanding of God as our loving Creator, Jesus as one who died and rose again for us, and the Bible as a sacred book which reveals God's love for us.  

In Science we study light and sound waves, the structure and function of living things, patterns and cycles in space systems, and engineering & design.  

Social Studies provides an opportunity to learn about communities, the passage of time, comparing the past with the present, using maps, leadership, American symbols, and spending and saving money.  

Additionally, we help students develop their executive functioning skills such as setting goals and making plans to achieve them, staying organized, time management, and self-monitoring.