First Grade is an opportunity to grow academically, spiritually, socially, physically, and emotionally. We recognize parents as the primary educators of their children and build upon the strong foundation already in place. Each child is acknowledged as a treasured gift with talents to share.

In Language Arts the focus is on phonics, reading, writing, spelling, and speaking. Math brings in many topics but those most important are basic addition and subtraction facts to 10, number sense, and geometry.

Religion helps us to grow in our understanding of God as a loving Father, Jesus as one who dedicated his life for us, and the Holy Spirit as a gift given to us as we have challenging decisions to make in life.

In Science we study about living and non-living things, physical properties of objects, the earth, force and its impact on objects, and simple machines.

Social Studies provides an opportunity to learn about families, the history of our country, our government, and the world around us. Often we integrate subjects so that the children not only have multiple exposures to topics but also to maximize our class time.

To help build life-long learners we focus on organization and personal responsibility. Our goal is not to enable our students but to empower them. We value frequent communication accomplished through The Bear Facts and the weekly gold envelope.