Welcome to second grade!


Second grade is a big year for students as they shift from beginner students to intermediate. We focus on transitioning to the more rigorous demands that will occur in 3rd grade and beyond.

As we continue to work on our reading skills, we begin to focus on reading comprehension. Second graders learn new skills to help identify unfamiliar words, infer meaning, recognize the events that take place in a story, and know the difference between a fact and an opinion.

In mathematics, second graders begin to work with greater integers. Students learn to add and subtract multi-digit numbers using various regrouping methods. We also learn about measurement, telling time, and counting money.

In social studies, second graders will learn all about the various elements of a community. We study the history of our local and parish community, along with creating timelines of important events in U.S. history. We practice basic map skills and introduce various government topics.

Second grade science focuses on recognizing living vs. non-living things and the process of a life cycle. We also have units on outer space and engineering design.

In everything that we do, our faith is at the core. In our religious studies, we learn about the seven sacraments of the Catholic Faith. The students have the opportunity to take part in receiving their First Reconciliation and First Communion.

Second grade is a year filled with a lot of energy and fun!