Welcome to 3rd grade at St. Cecilia!

In third grade, we build on organizational skills and responsibility.  Additionally, students achieve a sense of pride with their accomplishments throughout the school year.    

In Science, students learn about comparing plant and animal life cycles, earth and its weather patterns, planets, force and motion, states of matter, simple machines and engineering design.   Throughout the year, students will be assigned different activities and projects to help facilitate learning.

In Math, we begin multiplication and division!  We also develop our math skills centered around computation and estimation, statistics and probability, algebraic relationships, measurement and geometry.  

In Social Science, students learn to review the use of maps, globes and other reference tools.  We also study about communities, different types of employment, citizenship and the role of economics in our daily lives.  Additionally, part of our year we focus on cities-beginning with Portland and Beaverton, our nation’s capital and other cities around the world as we explore their unique customs, culture and traditions.

We will continue our journey of reading to learn and understand new concepts.  Students are given more complex word patterns when reading to decode unfamiliar words by finding context clues to help them.  Students are also given a creative approach to express what they learn through projects, technology presentations, and art.  

Students develop their writing skills to clearly communicate their understanding .  They do many writing assignments, focusing on the 6+1 Traits (Ideas/Content, Organization, Voice, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency, Conventions and Presentation).  We learn about different modes of writing (Narrative, Descriptive, Explanatory, Comparative, Story Writing, Persuasive, and Expository).  They also learn skills with a variety of revisions and proofreading strategies to help spell words accurately.  This is also the year 3rd Graders learn to write legibly in both cursive and manuscript.  In Grammar, the focus is on Sentences, Nouns, Verbs, Pronouns, Adjectives, and Adverbs.  

In our Religion class, the students will focus on the Saints.  Each student will learn about a Saint of their choice and research information, write a report, design a saint shield and create a portrait.   The Third Grade service project is called “Lend a Hand” and is our way of giving back in our community.    Students are asked once a month to volunteer at least an hour of service in the community.  This is a wonderful opportunity to live out the Gospel values we discuss in class.