The 4th Graders at St. Cecilia School take a big step into the grown up world. Using the “Mini-Society” format, students learn what it means to be a responsible citizen. This program gives our 4th Graders motivation to use their classroom skills in real life situations, starting with applying for their first job! Math, writing and reading skills are put to work in developing their model of a perfect country.
Our science program focuses on life systems where students use this knowledge to develop and maintain ecosystems in the classroom, including their own marine aquarium.

We study the past in 4th Grade to build a better future. Oregon and U.S. regional history and knowledge assist our active learners in crossing the Oregon Trail and creating micro-regions of their own, culminating in a National Pride Parade.

We accomplish all this through the grace of God, where we learn about God’s laws and the power of prayer in our Religion program.

As you can tell, 4th Grade is an amazing learning adventure to  begin“imaginating” our real life goals and dreams.