St. Cecilia Middle School Science is a hands-on three year integrated overview of Life, Physical and Earth Science. Students get a solid foundation in science investigation skills including observation, measurement and data collection, analysis, prediction, experiment design, research, evaluation, and written communication.

In science we work on building organizational skills needed for academic success.  Students learn note taking skills and organize assignments and lab observations in a science binder. Evaluation of student progress is based on lab activities & homework assignments, written and performance assessments, lab reports, and special projects.
At St. Cecilia School, every middle school grade level enjoys on and off campus science experiences!  Sixth grade travels to the coast for three days in the spring for OMSI Outdoor School at Camp Kiwanilong.  Seventh grade has the opportunity to go on a field trip to Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum to experiment and learn about the history of flight and principles of physics.  Eighth grade begins their school year with a five day trip to OMSI Santiam Science School.  While away, student field research projects are conducted and presented. 

Finally, The St. Cecilia Science Expo is a great annual event for our student researchers to present their scientific questions.