Middle School Language Arts

Middle School Language Arts is based on the three core components of Writing, Reading and Speaking.  Every unit is designed to meet the criteria outlined in the Archdiocesan Curriculum Guide which meets or exceeds the Oregon State Standards.

The writing component allows students the opportunity to practice all forms of writing including narrative, poetry, autobiographical, biographical, journalism and the like.  There is heavy emphasis on high school preparatory writing:  essays, short essay answers, reports, and  research papers. The goal for each graduating eighth grade student is to be fully prepared to write successfully in high school.

The reading component allows students the opportunity to read a variety of literature including short stories, poetry, novels, and the like through all the appropriate genres.  Students study literary elements and themes. Students learn how to respond to what they read through discussion, writing, reporting, and projects.

The speaking component allows students the opportunity to gain oral proficiency through debate, a variety of presentation styles, and The Vocabulary Workshop series.  Students work on building oral and written vocabulary as well.

Language Arts also incorporates technology.  Students in the 7th and 8th grade will use their tablet devices for writing, researching, and reading texts and novels.  All students will use technology develop a variety of communication pieces including word processing, and presentations. 

The Middle School Language Arts program is invigorating and dynamic.  Students have commented that they feel they  have learned a great deal and are prepared for high school.