DRESS CODE & UNIFORMS pp. 25-27 St. Cecilia School Parent-Student Handbook

A. General Appearance

Students and parents share the responsibility for proper dress and grooming. The 
school has the duty of presenting and maintaining a serious educational 
environment. Clothing is to be in good condition, not ragged, without holes or 
patches. Clothing cannot be see-through or tight, nor can it mock the dress code. 
Nothing students wear may convey an inappropriate message or suggest drugs, 
tobacco products, alcohol, sex, gangs, racism, violence or weapons. 
Students dressed in attire deemed inappropriate by the administration or teaching 
staff will remain in the school office until arrangements can be made for a change 
of clothes. Repeated violations of this code will be subject to disciplinary action 
by the teacher or principal.

Other general guidelines include, but are not limited to:

• No make-up of any kind 
• No earrings for boys and only one small earring per (lower) ear for girls
• No facial hair, body piercing or any type of tattoos
• No dog-collar type jewelry, studded accessories, chains or ropes
• Skirts/dresses/shorts/skorts must be three inches above the knee or longer.
• All shirts, tops and dresses must have sleeves and modest neck-lines.
• No stomach or back skin can show when both arms are raised above 
shoulder height or when the student sits down.
• The only leather clothing allowed is outdoor jackets.
• No sagging below the waist; clothing should fit properly.
• Socks must be worn at all times.
• Leggings may be worn on free dress days only.
• All shoes should have, at a minimum, a strap across the heel and toe. This is for
safety when running and playing. Boots are not acceptable except on free dress 
days. Shoes with high or clunky heels should never be worn in the school 
building both for safety and to preserve our floors.
• No hats or headwear of any type (including sweatbands, bandanas, visors, etc.)
are allowed in the school building. (See also “Hair and Grooming” on p. 27.)
• Students may not wear sunglasses in the school building.
The teacher may choose to request that the principal serve as the final judge of 
student appearance questions not explicitly covered in dress code guidelines.

Please label all student clothing clearly on the inside of the garment.

B. School Uniforms

Students wear uniforms daily, including to and from school, unless free dress days 
are announced. All uniforms must be clean, in good repair and appropriately 
sized. Socks must be worn at all times and be a plain red, white, navy blue or 
dark green to match school uniform colors; “plain” means a solid color with no 
patterns or designs. (A small, non-distracting logo on socks is acceptable; “elite” 
style sports socks are not allowed.) Tights also should be a solid color and match 
uniform colors. Shirts and blouses must be tucked into skirt, pants or shorts at all 
times. No logos (except the St. Cecilia logo) can be visible on shirts.
If you choose to purchase these items, they MUST be purchased at Dennis 
Uniform (school code #58625) and /or through Lands’ End: (school code #9001-

♦ Red polo shirts
♦ Navy pants, shorts, and skorts (K-5)
♦ Khaki (NOT Desert khaki or Stone) pants, shorts and skorts (Gr. 6-8 only)
If you choose to purchase these items, they MUST be purchased at Dennis 
♦ ALL plaid, navy and khaki jumpers & skirts (Gr. 6-8)
♦ Navy crew sweatshirts embroidered with St. Cecilia logo
♦ Navy fleece vests and jackets embroidered with St. Cecilia logo

The following items can be purchased through Dennis Uniform, Lands’ End or 
other retailers as long as they are in compliance with fabric, color, style, etc. 
criteria addressed in this Handbook:

♦ White shirts: polo, turtleneck, mock turtleneck, Peter-Pan collar
♦ Socks, belts and other accessories

Both Dennis Uniform and Lands’ End have a variety of shirts and uniform 
options. These are itemized on both our website and theirs. Only specific items 
listed are authorized as part of our uniform. All white shirts must be cotton or 
knit fabric, long or short sleeves, polo-type with a collar or turtleneck. In 
addition, girl’s blouses must be plain white with long or short sleeves, cotton or 
cotton blend, with a plain, Peter-Pan type collar (no additional lace, bows, etc.). 
Auction sweatshirts with the current year’s theme may also be worn. The auction 
and navy uniform sweatshirts are the only sweatshirts allowed at school; the navy 
hoodie with the St. Cecilia logo from Lands’ End is also acceptable. Belts should 
be a plain black, blue or brown.

Our school preferred number for Lands’ End is 9001-2013-0; please use this 
number when ordering and our school will receive 3% of qualifying purchases. 
The St. Cecilia logo can be embroidered on shirts and other merchandise; our logo 
number at Lands’ End is 0738213K. If purchasing Dennis apparel online, our 
school code is 58625@www.dennisuniform.com.Parent / Student Handbook
2013-14 27

C. Free Dress Guidelines

Free dress days will occur at the discretion of the principal and noted on the 
calendar. Students with “Free Dress Passes” distributed during the current school 
year may use them on non-free dress days with the following exception: 
Students, K-8, are not allowed to wear free dress on Wednesdays during the 
school year, due to weekly all-student Mass attendance. All general 
appearance guidelines should be followed on free dress days.
On the fourth Friday of each month, the school celebrates “Fourth Friday Free 
Sock Day” during which any style, color and pattern of socks may be worn; this is 
also the day each month on which Auction sweatshirts from previous years may 
be worn. 

D. Hair and Grooming

Students’ hair and appearance should be neat and clean. Hair should be of the 
student’s natural color, above the eyebrows and out of the eyes. (No highlights or 
chemical hair dye is allowed.) Boys should have hair cut short: it should be above
the shirt collar and the middle of the ears. Students may not wear hairstyles such 
as punk, spiked or Mohawk. Feathers in the hair are not allowed. Boys may not 
wear ponytails. Hairstyles must not be disruptive to the learning environment. If 
there is a question, please contact the teacher or principal.

E. PE Guidelines

All students in grades 2-8 are required to “dress down” for PE classes. The PE 
uniform consists of a white or blue tee shirt with sleeves, white or blue shorts, 
socks, tennis shoes and a bag with the student’s name on it. No spandex/lycra 
shorts unless PE shorts are covering them. Uniform shorts are not allowed for PE.

F. Scouting and Similar Dress

 Students may wear regulation uniforms for Scout-related organizations on
appropriate occasions. Shirts or blouses should be tucked into shorts, pants or