Prefect Duties



Start Time: 11:00 A.M.:  Please be prompt! If you are 5 to 30 minutes late, you must pay $15.00 and continue to stay and prefect the rest of the time.  If you come at 11:30 or later you must reschedule a new day ASAP.


End Time: 12:40 P.M.: All prefects should leave at the same time.  Please sign in at the office and on the table room door.




Upon Arrival:


  • Move out and set up lunch tables.
  • Wash tables with bleach water (red bucket).
  • Set up silverware cart, condiment table, fill up cups of water, garbage cans. Follow map posted on the table room door.
  • You may be asked to do one of the following:  help with microwave and hot water service, help with condiments, sell ice cream (Friday only).
  • Walk around and help students where needed, remind them to keep eating - primary students may also need help opening water bottles, etc.
  • If you note any problems, report them to the staff person on duty.




After the first shift, the permanent perfect and one or two prefects will stay inside to wash tables and continue the above duties.  All others go outside to supervise on the playground.  After the final lunch, you will be asked to join the other prefects.




PLEASE remember you are here for the saftey of the children – do not visit with other prefects.  Prefects should split up and cover the various areas of the playground.  If you are unsure regarding which area to supervise, chick in with the staff person on duty.  Do not allow any traffic through the play area – it should be coned off.  Retrieve any balls that go under cars or into the street.  General rules are:  NO hitting, kicking, pulling, and tugging on clothers or other inappropriate behaviors.  If you have questions about any student behaviors, ask the staff person on duty.  If anyone is disrespectufl, please report it immediately.  In case of emergency, go directly to the staff person outside.  She carries first aid supplies and a walkie-talkie.  If you are asked to accompany an injured student inside, leave him/her  with the person on duty in the office and immediately return to your station outside. Report minor injuries to the staff person in charge and serious ones to the main office personnel.  DO NOT MOVE ANYONE WITH A SERIOUS INJURY.


At 12:40 P.M., the whistle will blow for students to go in.  Make sure all students are safely inside and then you are free to go.  Thank you for all of your help.


If it is raining, recess is held in the activity center (guidelines are posted on the wall) or classrooms, per staff supervisor.  You will be asked to supervise a specific room for 30 minutes and then switch to another room.  Students should be involved in quiet games or activities in the classroom.  The staff person may rotate among the classrooms should you have any questions or concerns.