Welcome to the wonderful world of Pre-School at St. Cecilia!
This room is yours to explore every corner.  Everything is here for your senses to discover--the world lives in this place and all it needs is you! 

This is a great age to teach children because they are like sponges ready to absorb everything.  Between the ages of 3 to 4, children are moving from independent and parallel play towards interactive play.  Therefore, developing social skills, good verbal skills and problem solving skills are all important at this stage of their development. Children at this age are also very tactile and learn best through "hands on" exploration. As a result, much of what we teach will be introduced using concrete or real objects. 

At St. Cecilia Pre-School, we like to use a variety of teaching strategies in order to introduce new concepts to students because people learn in a variety of ways.  We will teach your child how to sort through various stimuli in order to find the important information.  This is a complex skill that is a pre-requirement to reading.  Part of this skill is the ability to follow multi-step instructions and we work extensively to help your child develop it.

There is so much personal and social growth taking place at this age that you might wonder if we find the time to introduce "academic"  concepts, as well.  We do!  However, do not be overly concerned if your child does not pick up every concept that we introduce.  We try to expose the children to everything and hope that they will learn to development and grasp the knowledge in their own unique way.  If not, it will happen when they are ready.  The ability to use labels or names to represent objects is beginning to develop in some children at this age--but remember that letter names and numbers are all very abstract concepts.  As our students proceed through the years, they will be making more advancement towards the mastery of these skills.  It is an exciting journey that we are about to begin together! 

God Bless,
Mrs. Blair
Pre-School Director and Head Teacher