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During the 2020-2021 school year, St. Cecilia School is introducing a Transitional Kindergarten program. 
One simple way to think about the difference between Pre-School, Transitional Kindergarten, and Kindergarten is the following:
Pre-School offers foundational learning experiences.
Transitional Kindergarten offers exposure to the Kindergarten standards and curriculum.
Kindergarten is the time for mastery of the Kindergarten standards and curriculum.  
The benefit to all three levels is that teachers are able to differentiate and individualize the program to meet the needs of all learners.  
This program is designed for students that are eligible for kindergarten in 2020-2021, however might be very young for their grade level AND for 4-year olds that are eligible for kindergarten in 2021-2022 and would be older for their grade level (turning five early in the school year-birthday of Sept-Dec).  Transitional Kindergarten introduces the Kindergarten standards with the goal that students would then be able to master the standards in Kindergarten the following school year.  St. Cecilia School empowers and encourages all our students to reach their full potential and this program is truly a testament to that. 
Our program is aligned with our K-8th grade classes on campus and is a 5-day a week full day program.  This allows for the students to not only get all academic curriculum from the Kindergarten standards introduced, but also allows for the students to participate in a variety of specialist classes including technology, library, music, and PE.  Students also get to participate in our prayer services, weekly Mass, and service opportunities. 
Transitional kindergarten bridges the path between Pre-School and Kindergarten and gives students the gift of time that will help them build a strong foundation for future school success.
Please reach out if you have questions about the program, 503-644-2619 ext: 110.