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Skorts, Shorts, Pants & Jumpers
Skorts: Pre-K – 5th grades may wear a navy or Belaire plaid skort from Dennis Uniform
Jumpers:  Pre-K – 5th grades may wear a jumper in Belaire plaid from Dennis Uniform or Navy Blue
Skorts: 6th-8th grades may wear a navy, khaki or Belaire plaid skorts from Dennis
Shorts/Pants: Pre-K-5th grades may wear navy Dockers style shorts, no cargo shorts
Shorts/Pants: 6th-8th grades may wear navy, or khaki Dockers style shorts, no cargo shorts
Shorts and skorts must be no shorter than 3 inches above the top of the knee

White and Red polo shirt with a collar, short or long sleeved
6th-8th graders may wear the Navy polo from Gear Up Sports and navy polos from other retailers 
White undershirts may be worn but with no logos or prints showing through
Sweatshirts & Sweaters
Sweatshirts are available from Gear Up Sports that have our school logo, Navy and Royal blue options available
Navy sweatshirts embroidered with St. Cecilia logo from Dennis Uniform (code 58625) or Lands End (code 900120130)
Navy fleece vests embroidered with St. Cecilia logo from Dennis Uniform (code 58625) or Lands End (code 900120130)
Red, white, navy, or black ankle or knee height, must be worn at all times
Socks must be visible above the shoe line
The trim on socks must also be one of the colors: red, white, or navy
Tights and leggings must come down to the ankle and/or cover the foot and must be in solid school colors (red, white, navy) with no patterns or logos
No lycra or other “shiny” fabric is allowed​

Practical, closed-toe, closed-back, and designed to stay on the feet all of the time
Students should wear shoes that allow them to be safely active on the playground
Tennis shoes are recommended as they need to wear these during PE
Heels are not allowed
Outer Wear
Non-uniform jackets, sweatshirts, sweaters, and/or hats may be worn outdoors, but not inside during the school day
No hats or headwear of any type (including sweatbands, bandanas, visors, etc.) are allowed in the school building
Girls may wear only one small earring per (lower) ear
No make-up may be visible
No facial hair, body piercing or any type of tattoos

All students must have modest hairstyles of natural color
Teachers must be able to see students’ eyes at all times
All hair accessories (clips, bands, etc.) must be modest and not distracting to the learning environment and to the discretion of the school faculty