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Music is not just a class that we sing songs in - Music has become an important roll in teaching students some of the fundamentals of life through a non-verbal language.   "Music begins where words leave off. . .” ~ Heinrich Heine
Music is a participatory subject rich with hands on experience mixed with textbook type work. Students will learn about music symbols, note reading, melodies & harmonies, and how music can help represent many different emotions.
General Music Elementary Classes:
Grades K-2 music curriculum correlates with the National Standards for Music Education in the United States.  We help students to gain an understanding of music through singing, dancing, performing, art, playing musical instruments and learning to read and write music.  We correlate their new music knowledge to the things that students are learning in academic classes: reading, art, language arts, math, science and social studies.  In the primary years of music class, we focus a lot on rhythm, singing, ear training and group playing.  Students have the opportunity to play percussive instruments during class.  
Performances: K-2 classes sing in the school Christmas production in December.
Grade 3 music classes focus on learning to read and write music.  Students spend a concentrated amount of time at the beginning of the year learning about music symbols, notes, the music staff, and how to read music.  After having a foundation of how to read music, students learn to play BoomWhackers© (BoomWhackers are tuned percussion tubes.  They are lightweight, hollow, color-coded, plastic tubes that are tuned to musical pitches by length.)  After learning to work with the BoomWhackers©, students will have the opportunity to learn how to play the bells, and to perform music as a class. The foundations of reading music, and playing an instrument help these developing minds to concentrate and learn to work on cooperative complicated tasks.  
Performances: Grade 3 performs for the Christmas production in December.  They also perform at the Spring Music Department concert in June.
Grade 4 music class focuses on learning to play the recorder.  A Recorder is the perfect instrument for teaching music literacy, sight-reading, composition and improvisation skills.  Here at St. Cecilia School we use a combination of the Recorder Karate and the Do It! Recorder series.  While students develop their musical playing skills, they discover the joy of performing solo, in small groups and in large ensembles.  Students begin to develop habits of accountability and self-motivation through individual practice at home.  
Performances: Grade 4 performs for the Christmas production in December.  They also perform at the Spring Music Department concert in June.
Grade 5 students focus on music appreciation from the Middle Ages to modern music.  By using study guides, listening to music samples, demonstrating musical skills and working with guest artists, they are exposed to music from all genres, giving them a well-rounded view of music through history. Grade 5 is also the host class for the Christmas production.  As a class, they are exposed to aspects of the theater: they learn to audition, act, learn stage directions, how to wear costumes and put on a performance.  
Performance: 5th grade hosts and acts out a play in the Christmas production for the entire school’s music program in December.  
St. Cecilia Band Program :  Grades 5-8
The band program here at St. Cecilia is an opportunity for students to learn a musical instrument that can be played throughout the rest of their lives.  Learning to play a musical instrument can help students to develop music appreciation, skill, dexterity and musical knowledge.  It also teaches social and cooperative skills through group participation.  
Beginning Band : Grades 5-8 designed for students with little or no experience playing a band instrument.
Cyclone Symphonic Band : Grades 6-8  designed for students with more than one year of experience playing a band instrument.
Marching Band : Grades 5-8  this program includes the Beginning and Cyclone band every “odd” year.  They have the opportunity to play and march in the Junior Rose Festival Parade in June.
Performances: The Beginning & Cyclone bands perform at the Christmas program, the Music Department Concert at the end of the year, and in mini concerts throughout the year.
Our bands have performed in the Junior Rose Festival Parade, the Beaverton Celebration Parade, Beaverton Parks & Recreation events, as well as community service concerts for residents at Maryville and others.
St. Cecilia Middle School Christmas Vocal Ensemble : Grades 6-8
Our middle school Christmas Vocal Ensemble program is offered during the first trimester of the year.  This ensemble is devoted to the study of music, vocal techniques and ensemble skills as we prepare for Christmas performances. Students will be exposed to a variety of music literature, including that of different styles and cultures. Our goal through rehearsal and performance, is to achieve a high degree of learning and performance excellence, develop a love, understanding and appreciation of music and learn the skills and concepts necessary to successfully participate in a vocal ensemble.
Performances: Christmas Vocal Ensemble performs at the school Christmas program, and community outreach events in November and December.
St. Cecilia Spring Musical : Grades 6-8
The St. Cecilia Spring Musical is a wonderful teaching and learning experience for students, and an opportunity for them to explore their dramatic abilities.  This is offered during our third trimester elective for our middle school students.  Previous productions have included The Adventures of the Fearsome Pirate Frank, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Wipe Out, Willy Wonka Jr., Alice in Wonderland Jr., The Wizard of Oz, The Little Mermaid, and the comedy Snow OFF-White.  Our director helps to create a quality production, develop student confidence and respect for others, as well as building skills in collaboration, teamwork and stagecraft. Students may participate as actors, stage managers, stage crew or technical crew.