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Join us in Spanish this year for an amazing discovery of Culture, History, Geography, and Language.
Grades K-2: Work on basic vocabulary such as colors, numbers to twenty, family, the farm, animals at the zoo, fruit, days of the week, months of the year, school supplies, body parts, places around the town, and the alphabet.
Grades 3-5:  Build on the existing vocabulary and start writing basic sentences in Spanish.  They learn about clothing, weather, seasons; describing people and clothing, adjective agreement, subject pronouns, plural nouns, the house vocabulary, time, date, discuss their likes and dislikes as well as school schedules, and regular verbs.
Grades 6-8: Middle School focuses on verb forms in the present and past tense, stem changing verbs, places around town and directions, professions, sports, and adverbs of frequency.  They will enjoy an in depth study of Spain and Guatemala.  Students from each grade level will read a mini novel in Spanish.