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“The science exam helped get me ready for finals at Jesuit. The vocab tests were helpful for knowledge of vocabulary and final exams. Being in the challenge math helped better prepare to be in honors algebra. Having tablets helped me get used to using a tablet for my classes at Jesuit. In Spanish it was helpful learning verbs.” Graduate of the Class of 2018

“Thank you to all the staff for making our school so special. It’s a real gift, especially these days, to be part of a community where you feel safe leaving your child each day. I know that the values that permeate our community are made up of love, empathy, service and respect. We can really feel the Holy Spirit at work in the hallways, thank you for making it so special.” Current parent of 7th and 5th graders

“I love the community at St. Cecilia, including the teachers and families. My kids have gained strong Catholic values, lifelong friendships and love going to school at St. Cecilia. It is a safe and loving environment for my kids.” Current parent of two students

“I especially appreciate St. Cecilia Math and English preparation, but also the organization and study skills that were practiced in all courses. Assessment is big in high school and a larger part of the grade.  Please do continue to prep students for success at the next step with assessment. I feel the boys were ready for how to prepare for tests. Both my boys have taken off in high school (and college). I know they started strong with the early foundations during their younger years. Many thanks!” Parent of graduates