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St. Cecilia School Mission Statement
The mission of St. Cecilia School is to partner with parents to prepare students to 
be responsible citizens and life-long learners with strong Catholic values.

St. Cecilia School Philosophy Statement
St. Cecilia School has as its optimal goal the education of the whole person. As Jesus is the foundation of the educational endeavor, so Catholic principles are a part of the school community.  Students are taught to assimilate academic and life skills, as well as social attitudes that will assist them to internalize Catholic values in their discovery of truth. They are guided toward excellence as contributing and effective members of society.  The school is a living encounter with cultural and Catholic heritage. While honoring parents as the primary educators of their children, St. Cecilia School seeks to nurture the formation of the individual student.  As facilitators of learning, teachers encourage the development of critically thinking students who are responsible and self-disciplined and take pride in being part of St. Cecilia and the global community.