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The best way to understand the unique aspects of St. Cecilia School is to visit us in person!  Tours may be scheduled by contacting the main office.  We want you to experience and witness the elements of a regular school day on our campus.  Click here to reach our Registrar.    

From Our Principal

What an honor it is for me to serve as the principal of this fabulous school!  Each day, I am struck by the energy, spirit and vision that make the St. Cecilia community what it is.  I would be happy to speak or meet personally with you.  We love what we do here and look forward to sharing it with you and your children.      




Upcoming Events

  • 11/19 2:15 Dismissal
  • 11/19 Free Dress w/OSU vs. UO Option
  • 11/19 Bring Jello for SVDP Thanksgiving Baskets!
  • 11/19 Lunch Prefects: Ditto, Dryburgh, M. Smith
  • 11/20 Lunch Prefects: Foutch, Garcia-Leon, Wagner
  • 11/20 PK-TTh Thanksgiving Potlatch (10:00-10:30)
  • 11/21 11:30 Dismissal
  • 11/21 Mass/Host: Gr. 7 (9:00/Church)
  • 11/22 NO SCHOOL--Thanksgiving Holiday
  • 11/22 Saint Cecilia Feast Day
  • 11/23 NO SCHOOL--Thanksgiving Holiday
  • 11/23 Happy Birthday, Mrs. McIntyre!
  • 11/25 Happy Birthday, Senora Ozbek!
  • 11/26 2:15 Dismissal
  • 11/26 Lunch Prefects: Beckley Hays, Gregory, Rhein
  • 11/27 FT: Gr. 4 to Chief Lelooska Lodge (10:15-2:00)
  • 11/27 Lunch Prefects: Sar, M. Smith, Velasco
  • 11/27 Middle School Electives Forms Due
  • 11/28 Mass/Host: Gr. 6 (9:00/Church)
  • 11/28 Lunch Prefects: Bayking, Rhein, Tongco
  • 11/29 Lunch Prefects: Brown, Martinez Palafox, Mil
  • 11/30 End of 1st Trimester
  • 11/30 (Fifth) Friday Free Sock Day! (Ice Cream Sales at Lunch)
  • 11/30 Lunch Prefects: Gonzales, A. Smith, G. Smith
  • 12/2 Advent Begins